Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New School Year!

Happy Summer, Sponsors!

A new school year in Haiti is creeping up! We're excited to continue our Student Sponsorship Program in Cite Soleil through the 2012-2013 school year. Through you all, will continue to sponsor 50 students. 

In the past, you have had to re-sign up for your student each year. Starting this year, monthly donations will be fixed at $42/student for 12 months continually, rather than for just 10 months. This way, donation subscriptions don't expire and I'll match sponsors with their same students each year. 

To make sure you're on the list to receive a student this year, either comment on this post or shoot me an email: Allison.Jennings@heartlineministries.org and sign-up for $42/month donations using the PayPal button below. 

If you would prefer to send a one-time yearly donation toward the sponsorship of your student, you can mail a check with a "student sponsorship" memo-line notation to:

Heartline Ministries
PO Box 898
Sunnyside, WA 98944

How many students?

Thank you for continuing to love these kids in such a practical and proactive way!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet sweet kids!

Hi Sponsors!

I am so glad to be living in Haiti now, for several reasons, but a big reason is to be able to make more consistent trips to the school in Cite Soleil and spend more time getting to know our kiddos, and to be able to communicate better with you all as sponsors.

I caught them on the last day of exams for the quarter when I was there on Friday, so kids that had finished the day before were not at school that day. So only about 60% of you got new pictures from me this week. I plan to make a trip once school resumes again after the break to take photos of the kids I missed last week and to also collect letters they are writing to you!

Cite Soleil can be dangerous at times, so I appreciate your understanding that sometimes my schedule to be there has to change based on heightened violence in the area. Here are a few extra pictures I took the other day.


I started our time together by asking how exams were and telling the kids what we would be doing that day. They were listening so intently :)

Sweet boys who loved the camera! 

Girls who could have posed all day long. Can you pick out your sponsored student?

I wore my green headband on purpose so I would match their uniforms! 

Funny kids being silly
This program means so much to these kids. Seeing all of their faces on a semi-regular basis confirms it for me. Without being in school, these kids would be doing nothing. Just sitting around, probably causing trouble out of severe boredom. And they are eating on a regular basis. Which, for many kids in Cite Soleil, is not the norm. They are precious and I love my days with them. 

Please be praying for
  • Violence in Cite Soleil. For reasons beyond my own understanding, Cite Soleil is a dangerous place much of the time. That means these kids, these smiling faces, are seeing that. Join me in praying that God would grab a strong hold to this dark area of Port-au-Prince and pour in His light and love. 
  • The future of the program. Because of the nature of Cite Soleil and the gang members who govern the area, it is a hard place to do ministry. Pray that God would give Heartline leadership clear direction and purpose for the future of this program. 
  • The kids! It is likely that these kids come from the poorest of the poor in Haiti. Poverty can mean not only physical hardships at home, but lack of emotional support and encouragement. Pray that these kids would feel the love of the Ultimate Comforter and would know that He is with them always.
Thank you for loving these kids by sending them to school. I wish you could all hug them like I can. 


Sunday, November 27, 2011

An Impromptu Visit!

Hey Sponsors!

I was in Haiti last week and had the chance to take a quick trip to the school in Cite Soleil. I got to talk to a few of the kiddos and took some pictures. Below are some sweet little things that a few of the students said that I wanted to share with you all!

Q: How are you liking school this year? What is your favorite thing to learn about?
A: "School is so much fun! I love my uniform and I am learning to write very well!" - Farah Cimentes Derosier
A: "I am really good at math and get the best scores in my class! I don't even mind doing my math homework." - Frantzdy Beneche
A: "I like to learn everything, but I really like to play with my friends." - Kathiana Zephir
A: "I like to learn to play soccer." To which I asked, "you learn to play soccer at school?" He replied "Well, I at least get to practice with my friends." - Jacky Nazaire
A: "I am so glad to get to go to school. My teachers are nice and are good at teaching." - Sammuel Henri

Q: How is your life different now that you're going to school?
A: "I used to get very bored during the day. Now I have plenty to do because the teachers give us a lot of homework!" - Brayn Charles
A: "My life is now very different. I get to eat every day at school and I am no longer hungry. I also have a lot of new friends that are very fun to play with!" - Gayado Guerrier
A: "I get to have fun every day. I hope I get to go to school for many many years!" - MarieShella Dominique

Q: Are you working hard in school and getting good grades?
A: "My teacher sometimes tells me that I could do better, but I almost always work hard." - Kervenson Pierre Louis
A: "I like doing work and being able to learn more things." - Talita Bussereth

It was so great to get to see their smiling faces and to hear their sweet voices. Here are a few photos from that day!

Three sweet boys that are obviously very good friends! They were so social with me and wanted to be my special helpers that day!

Sitting down having a conversation with a few kiddos.

Smiling for photos is culturally uncommon - they were really very happy, I promise!

They were so excited to tell me about the school and so proud that they're the "big men" on campus.

Sweet little Malaika wanted to be in every picture I took!

Ancyto took a break from his lunch to flash me the sweetest darn smile you'll ever see!

I had such a fun visit with them! Look for individual updates after the first of the year!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

2011 Graduation

Enjoy these photos taken at the Graduation Ceremony in June! There was singing, dancing, sharing of stories, and a whole lot of lookin' cute! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Well, it is about that time again!

Time for school to start! Since I was young, every year around the beginning of August, certain jingles of the Schoolhouse-Rock-nature find themselves bouncing out of my mouth; "conjunction -junction, whats your function?!" I love this time of year.

This year, I decided to manage a blog to keep you lovely supporters up to date on the happenings in Cite Soleil! Here I will post regular photos and updates and occasional testimonials from students in the program. I am excited about this communication tool and I think it will work great on keeping everyone updated!

Below is a PayPal button where you can sign up to have your Sponsorship tuition taken from your PayPal account monthly. There are options you can choose for one student, $50, or for those of you committed to two students, $100.
You only have to sign up once and you'll be good for the school year! There are 10 installments and after the 10th, you'll get a notification via email that says your obligation has been fulfilled. At that time, if you would like to continue to support your student into the next school year, shoot me an email at allison.jennings@heartlineministries.org or simply comment on the current blog-entry and I'll make sure you get re-up'd! I'll certainly be reminding you before then, but just to let you know what the process looks like!

If you would rather send a physical check to our office rather than use PayPal, you can send one-time ($500 for one student, $1000 for two) donations to:

Heartline Ministries
PO Box 898
Sunnyside, WA 98944

Just make sure you note "sponsorship program" in the memo-line!

The students are all having their pictures taken the beginning of next week and I'll be individually sending you your students' picture and bio via email.

Thank you all for being a part of this program to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these sweet-faced little darlings in Cite Soleil!

Please feel free to email me any time with questions! allison.jennings@heartlineministries.org

Student Sponsorship!

Student Sponsorship!